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5F Farm and Events Center a labor of love and community

The 5f Farm Event Center is known for its widely participated events included the popular reggae festival. The center started when the owner, Maurice Grant saw changes that need to be made in his community. He opened a detailing shop and provided jobs for young people in the area. After conceiving the idea to provide the community with participation in sports such as golf and soccer, he purchased the land that the 5F Farm Events Center now calls home.

Maurice started recruiting volunteers to help out and learn different trades as well as equipment operation. He found a lot of his early volunteers through church, “if you’re apart of the family we should entrust you with things that family entrust each other with.” 

One of his first volunteers, Jasmine Padilla, is still active as the event center’s representative. She started with 5F Farms while at work, and was asked if she could help out with the events, “One day I asked what the 5F stood for and we have continued working together since then.” Maurice runs his farm based on 5 principles: Faith, Family, Friends, Fidelity, and Fun. “We’re big on family,” Maurice adds, which shows on his land, where a sign reads ‘once you’re here, you’re family’ and another sign that reads ‘respect everyone or leave’.

There are also some political signs on his property because Mr. Grant feels strongly about a better community. “Politics is a part of our future. Those that go in to office determine how you live, the distance you go, and how much you can do.” He makes sure that the people that put up a sign have to believe in family as well as this community. 

The 5f Farm sponsors charitable functions and have helped families in the community by donating school supplies. Jasmine hopes to continue to contribute to others, “We want to be able to share our principles and help build a culture that can be passed down to the next generation.”

By Myesha Williams
Herald Correspondent