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Car catches on fire in Subway parking lot in Havana

Havana’s downtown historic commercial district was the scene of a massive car fire mid-afternoon last Sunday in the Subway parking lot.

A man was driving his 2008 red Ford Edge on U.S. 27 around 3:30 p.m. when he noticed smoke and the beginning of flames leaking from his hood. =

He stopped at the restaurant parking lot on the corner of 8th Avenue where Havana police attempted to douse the nascent fire with two different fire extinguishers. Neither stopped the fire, which then escalated.

A Concord fire department firefighter arrived and within minutes, two Concord fire trucks arrived.

A larger Havana fire truck then came and was able to douse the smoke and blaze completely. The whole operation took about half-an-hour to finalize all danger and fire. The car appeared to be too damaged to save.

By Sandi Beare