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CDBG Housing Rehabilitation – City of Midway


CDBG Housing Rehabilitation- CITY OF MIDWAY

The City of Midway invites interested residential contractors to attend a prequalification

meeting so that you can learn about the upcoming CDBG Grant

program for the City of Midway. The purpose of the meeting is to pre-qualify

interested residential contractors to participate in the CDBG Housing Rehabilitation

program. This meeting is mandatory for all interested contractors. There is a

required application that will only be distributed at this meeting. No matter if you

have previously worked on CDBG programs in other locations, you will be required

to submit the updated application that will include copies of your license, insurance,

and Section 3 status. Any contractor that plans to submit bids for any upcoming

houses should attend this meeting. Contractors that do not attend the meeting can

bid on the houses, but their participation may not be approved.

A MANDA TORY meeting to provide contractor orientation materials and

information about the program is scheduled for March 7, 2018, 10:30 AM at

Midway City Hall, located at 50 M. L. King Blvd, Midway, Florida. At that time, you

will also be given the required application package to complete and submit to

Government Services Group, Inc. prior to bidding.

WBEIMBE/DBE Firms are encouraged to participate. The City of Midway is an

Equal Opportunity Employer.