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Citizens protest against county commissioners

When the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners met on Tuesday, September 1 for an emergency board meeting, they were met with a small crowd of local citizens who voiced complaints regarding the board’s recent decisions.

Holding signs protesting the county’s ongoing mask mandate as well as the board’s decision to restrict citizens from attending the in-person meetings of the board, the local protesters rallied for change outside the commission’s meeting place.

“No More Mask Mandate” read some signs, while others stated: “Let Us In – Our Voice Matters.”

Other signs held by the protesters referenced the recent lawsuit waged against the board of county commissioners in regards to the mask mandate.

“See You In Court,” read one sign.

In late August, the county won the mask-related lawsuit waged by one of the local residents.

In addition to their signs and vocal protest, attending citizens urged passing vehicles to honk their horns in order to be heard by the county commissioners who remained inside the building.