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City of Quincy to upgrade R.D. Edwards Building so police force can move back in

Quincy city officials on Monday, April 23 looked at upgrading the city’s old police building to enable the Quincy Police Department to move back into the facility as soon as possible because the city police chief is now sharing office space with an officer in the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office.

The county asked him to move out of his current space so that the county could use it to house some new communications equipment the county recently acquired.

Although the sheriff and his staff have been extremely accommodating to Quincy by allowing their police department to operate within the county’s facility, it is time for Quincy’s police department to return to the city’s building as quickly as possible, said a proposal from Quincy City Manager Mike Wade, Quincy Planning Director Bernard Piawah and Quincy Police Chief Glenn Sapp.

Sapp asked that the city staff be able to complete interior work to facilitate the move.

An assessment of what all could be done by city staff was given.

According to the building official, the building is in good shape; there are no leaks; and it does not smell moldy.

Existing wiring, while aging, does not need an immediate upgrade.

The same evaluation was given for the building’s HVAC system.

Work on the building would include repairs to walls; installation of a drop ceiling; replacing floor tiles; and upgrading bathrooms.

Light fixture replacement would be on an as-needed basis.

The operation would be done in three phases: Initial work on the main floor and second floor would enable the police department to move back in.

Repairs are estimated to cost $75,000.

City staff estimated that some $18,000 annually could be saved in utility bills by being in the R.D. Edwards Building.

The board gave approval for this proposal.

By Sandi Beare