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County hosts statewide shooting event in Midway

From  April 19-21, Gadsden County hosted a state-wide shooting competition featuring Old West-style guns.

From Thursday, April 19 through the weekend (Sunday, April 21), 200 shooters were in Midway for the Florida State Single-Action Shooting Society Championship.

It’s the first year the event has ever been held in North Florida, thanks to Talon Range having the space to accommodate the huge crowd.

All competitions are based on the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Contestants use Old West-style guns, such as single-action revolvers and old-time shotguns.

“Each stage is unique to itself, said Tom Wildenauer, Single-Action Shooting Society member.”The typical stage, you’re going to be shooting ten rifles, ten pistol rounds, and four to six shotgun rounds.”

“Some people here are going to shoot some of these stages in the neighborhood of 12 to 15 seconds,” Wildenauer continued.

National and world champion shooters participated in the event in several categories, which depended on their age or type of gun.

Shooters also wore pre-1900s costumes to match their old Western guns.

Special to The Herald