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County to break ground on new park and recreation center

At 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, members of the Gadsden County commu- nity, the Gadsden County Board of County Com- missioners and county staff will host the Ground- breaking Ceremony for the East Gadsden Park and Multipurpose Center at 2162 Fantana Trail, just east of St. Hebron Road in Quincy.

“This will be the first park of this kind in Gads- den County that will have amenities to serve the en- tire county with both in- door and outdoor recreation,” said District Two County Commis- sioner Anthony Viegbesie. “We are excited to enter the first stage of this proj- ect, and we will continue to seek additional funding sources to bring this com- prehensive recreational component to Gadsden County.”

The groundbreaking of the East Gadsden Park and Multipurpose Center marks the first phase of the county project, which will begin the build-out of a walking trail. The fol- lowing phases will include the construction of a com- prehensive park and recre- ational facility that will serve as the foundation for the construction of a sub- sequent facility of similar stature in the western por- tion of the county.

The East Gadsden Park and Multipurpose Center will start with the con- struction of an environ- mentally-sensitive one-mile cycling, walking and nature observation trail around the perimeter of a 25-acre site.

The trail, in addition to the paved surface, will in- clude a wooden boardwalk and simple wooden foot- bridge over the low wet- land and pond area of the site.

This environmentally- sensitive way of addressing the trail construction will provide the opportunity to also observe and study the plants, birds and wildlife native to north Florida and indigenous to the site.

The project also will include construction of a new park entrance, a trail- head with signage, parking, rest room facilities and limited solar-powered security lighting.

“This park and recreation facility is needed to provide Gadsden youth with a positive outlet, and to help improve the health and wellness of our citi- zenry,” said District Four County Commissioner and Board Chairperson Brenda Holt. “The East Gadsden Park and Multi- purpose Center will en- hance the recreational assets within Gadsden County and provide a unique recreational experience for all our citizens.”

For additional information about the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony of the East Gadsden Park and Multipurpose Center in Quincy on Tuesday, April 24, call the Gadsden County government ad- ministration office at (850) 875-8650.

Story By: Special By The Herald