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From the Editor’s Desk: An apology…from the Herald editor

There are times when reporting on the news is not pretty, or pleasant – and last week was one of those occasions.

I reported on a crash that occurred, quite literally, right outside of my home.

A motorcycle collided with an SUV.  My sister saw it happen. My dad, a first-responder, was first-on-scene to provide critical care to the motorcyclist.

I took photos, planning to report on the crash.

Both my dad and sister are in the photos, as is the motorcyclist, who was being cared for on the ground near the vehicles.

It was not until later that I learned he had died from his injuries.

In the midst of the tragedy and the heartbreak, my focus was on being there for my sister (who was traumatized by what she had seen), and not on the details of the photos I’d taken.

When I selected the photo for publication, the accident and its aftermath was fresh in my mind; painful and traumatic.

I was distracted and published a photo that should never have appeared in our community newspaper.

We have since removed it from our website.

I apologize for the pain and suffering it has caused.

We strive to be sensitive to loved ones’ feelings in the wake of tragedies, and this time we failed.

For the friends and family of the crash victim, I am truly sorry for your loss.

Ashley Hunter – Herald Editor