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Garden Club selects Yards of the Month – Two apartment residents and fast food restaurant honored

On Thursday, November 5, the Havana Garden Club announced its monthly Yard of the Month winners.

This looked-forward-to award pays appreciation to the residential and commercial property owners and residents who have made their lawns and yards beautiful and done their part in keeping Havana a welcoming, appealing place for visits and locals alike.

The November Residential Yard of the Month award was presented to the residents of a duplex located on 7th Avenue.

Dianne Croley, of the Havana Garden Club, said that the two residents, Traci Norris in Apartment A and Jan Scott in Apartment B had both done a “fabulous job” of decorating the exterior of their home for the fall season.

The front steps of their homes, as well as the surrounding yard, were decorated with potted mums, as well as an assortment of pumpkins and fall decor.

“Be sure to ride by and check out the handiwork of these talented ladies,” said Croley.

Havana’s Burger King is the recipient of the Havana Garden Club’s Commercial Yard of the Month award. According to Dianne Croley, a garden club member, this is one of the few times a fast-food restaurant has been selected for this award.

Meanwhile, the November Commercial Yard of the Month award went to an exceptional winner, said Croley.

“It is not often that we award the commercial yard of the month to a fast-food restaurant,” Croley adds.

However, as members of the Havana Garden Club rode by the local Burger King establishment, Croley says that she and her fellow club members were impressed with the restaurant’s well-tended decorative garden.

“As we rode by, we noticed the well-kept green shrubbery with the bright contrast of the Ti plant giving it a pop of color,” said Croley.

The Havana Burger King is located at 703 North Main Street and the restaurant’s general manager is Joe Veigas.

The Havana Garden Club is currently accepting nominations for December Yards of the Month. Nominations can be either for the commercial or residential award.

If you would like to nominate someone, or yourself, for the December Yard of the Month, call Dianne Croley at (850) 539-8191.

The nominated yard (residential or commercial) must be within the 32333 zip code.

Story by Ashley Hunter –
Photos by Dianne Croley