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Herald co-sponsors student writing challenge

(L-R): West Gadsden Middle School principal Sonya Jackson. Mock Writing Challenge first-place winner Quintera Safford, second-place winner NyAsia Jackson, assistant principal Rocky Pace and third-place winner Gustavo Gonzales. Students at West Gadsden Middle School recognize that healthy students are better learners.

In support of this movement, the Gadsden County School District and The Herald offered a school-wide writing challenge where students were asked if they would support a policy advocating healthy food in the school cafeteria.

Citing evidence from the sources given, Safford said “You should aim for balance when choosing foods for yourself;” Jackson said, “Fast foods will give more than a serving size so be careful;” and Gonzales said, “Remember, you are what you eat.”

Betty James, district language arts instructional specialist for grades 4-8, enlisted The Herald to provide free one-year subscriptions to the three winners.

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