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Isaac Simmons Jr. will not seek re-election for School Board

Isaac Simmons Jr., the senior member of the Gadsden County School Board, has decided he will not seek re-election in November and will retire after serving his fifth term on the board for a total of 20 years.

“Words cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude to the people of District 3 for the privilege of representing them on the Gadsden County School Board,” Simmons Jr. said.

Simmons Jr. said he faced many challenges during his tenure, but they were challenges for the right reason.

“The safety, health, welfare and education of the students were my main focus as a school board member,” Simmons Jr. said. “It was a huge responsibility and I did everything I could to make our district better. This opens the opportunity for those who are interested in running for the seat to bring new ideas and energy to the school board.”

Simmons Jr. was thankful to his constituents for the opportunity to represent and serve District 3 on the Gadsden County School Board.

“I have enjoyed my time on the board, and working with children locally to help them achieve their educational dreams and desires,” Simmons Jr. said. “I will find ways to continue contributing to the students and community after my service on the school board has ended.”

Simmons Jr. still has political aspirations and said he will seek to further his political career in some capacity soon.

“Taking a break from the demands of my political career is something that I look forward to,” Simmons Jr. said.

Simmons Jr. was very grateful to his family for allowing him the time to serve.

“To my wife, Phyllis; daughters, Talisa and Devondra; and my grandchildren: thank you for all you sacrificed, missed, or did alone so that I could serve on the Gadsden County School Board,” he said.

Simmons Jr. also expressed his sincere gratitude to those who voted for him and supported him in his efforts as a school board member all these years.

“Let us continue to help make our school system great for all, especially the children of Gadsden County,” he concluded.