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Nurse Judy: Who is a dad?

A dad is someone who:

• may race to the hospital for an imminent birth, leaving the mom-to-be behind.

• is sure he wants a boy until a little girl is placed in his arms.

• gets little sleep for the first year of that tiny bundle of joy’s life.

• gets little sleep during the teenage years of that bundle of joy’s life.

• foregoes sleep entirely when his child is sick or injured.

• volunteers as a coach for little league sports.

• gives horseback rides even when he is dog tired.
is brave and strong and makes a child feel safe and secure.

• goes to work every day to provide for his family.

• is not afraid to be a stay-at-home dad when that is the best course of action.

• is a role model for his boys.

• is wrapped around his little girls’ fingers.

• attends parent teacher meetings (even if a little begrudgingly).

• is called to school whenever there are discipline problems.

• is called from summer camp by a homesick camper.

• is called from college by a homesick freshman.

• is called from college by a freshman needing money.

• is called from college each year by his child needing money.

• is called from spring break for heaven knows what.

• is begged for a tricycle.

• is begged for a two-wheeler.

• is begged for a car.

• cringes at every phone call after his child gets a driver’s license.

• has tears in his eyes when he walks his daughter down the aisle.

• has tears in his eyes when his son gets married.

• has tears in his eyes when he looks at his bank account after both events.

Oh yes, a dad is all this and more.
He is every child’s hero, every adolescent’s support and every young adult’s role model.
A dad is truly the wind beneath their wings. And then, well…then, he is a grandfather.
Happy Father’s Day.

More later,