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Susie Morris Column: June 28, 2018: Susie on Sports

Munroe vs. Mickey:

The Munroe basketball team returned over the weekend from Orlando where they participated in team camp at the University of Central Florida. Coach Andrew Eads and eleven of  his varsity players spent four days playing much larger and taller squads in game after game. Coach reports that the Bobcats held their own, grew as a team and had a great time doing it.

Old School:

Back in the day, on Saturday or Sunday mornings, high school football coaches everywhere would start their car engines and hit the road to meet the next week’s opponent at a compromised mid-point to exchange game film. Now it’s as simple as a login code.  There’s a membership required at but after that, game film is just a click or two away. Easy peasy. I remember football coaches setting up both reel to reel film and VHS tapes. But don’t tell anybody.

The 95x Rule:

Calling social media “your resume to the world,” University of Nebraska football coach, Scott Frost, informed a summer camp audience recently that first his program looks at GPA and second what kind of person the athlete is.  And to do so, he says they pour through social media with a fine tooth comb. They’ll even find four year old tweets. JJ Watts tells athletes to read an update “95 times” before posting it. Today’s high school athlete with college dreams would be wise to heed these warnings.

As Susie Sees It:

If I were a Recreation Director (no thanks), I would mandate the following:

• Fewer games, more practices.  Ratio of practice to games? 4:1.

• 75% of all practices must be dedicated to fundamental work.

• Coaches must take a six hour course in the rules and fundamentals of the game they are coaching.

• Players, parents and coaches must attend a sportsmanship workshop.  (And some grandmas!)

• No banquets.  No trophies. And definitely, no participation trophies!

Think anyone would hire me?  I don’t either.

By Susie Morris