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Tricia’s Place – Ghosts

Well, Halloween, “All Hallows Eve” will be with us in only a few days more!

Do you believe in ghosts? You know, the white, floating apparitions, who, according to the movies, fly around

the bedrooms of old mansions and scare the humans who live there to death?

A friend of mine, who is getting older, (as well as I) relayed a story of a certain childhood memory and claims that it is completely true!

He said, his grandmother had passed away (the family lived in Virginia) when my friend was about four years old.

He told me that one night, as he was in his bed, sleeping, he felt something cold rubbing across his cheek, waking him.

He opened his eyes and saw an old lady in the room with him. She had grey hair and was wearing a dark dress. The lady was looking at him, just looking, when suddenly, she turned her head away and walked out of his room.

My friend said she didn’t scare him, in fact, when she left his room, he turned over and went back to sleep.

The next morning, when he was with his dad and mom at the breakfast table, he noticed an old-looking photograph album laying nearby. I supposed his parents had been planning the obituary and funeral for his recently deceased grandmother.

They opened the album to a large photograph of an elderly lady who was staring at the photographer with large, brown eyes. My friend saw the photo and said, “That lady was in my bedroom last night!”

His parents gasped!

“That’s impossible,” his mom said. “This is a picture of my mother who passed away two days ago! She could not have been in your room last night.”

Her little boy, stated firmly, “That lady was in my room last night.”

His parents just looked at each other in startled thought!

The child finished his cereal, then got up and went out to play.

A few weeks later, a will was read, his grandmother had been fairly well-off for the time and place in which she lived.

She had owned several small rental houses and left them all to my friend, the little boy, her grandson.

He said his mother had expected to be left the rental property and was hurt and angry at his Grandma, her mom.

When her son got older, he told his mom that he would just give his mom the houses, but she refused, but stayed

in and out of court trying to “break the will” and gain the houses for the rest of her life.

She was never able to break the will and after she died, my friend, who was now a grown-up man, sold the houses and went on with his life!

I could tell you some even scarier ghost stories, but I don’t want to scare anyone to death!

Happy Halloween, my dears!
By Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes