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Tricia’s Place – Grown-Up Toys?

We are so lucky to live in this country. A place where most of us can find a job, with a living wage. Not only the money to buy food and shelter but our huge fine houses and land.

This probably occurs, if a husband and wife both have a Bachelors’s Degree in, let’s say criminal justice for him, and a second grade “school teacher” for her.

After three or four years, they are making enough money to also have purchased a pickup truck (with four doors). Let’s say it is a white ford truck. They picked it out right after they married, (about four years ago).

They call it “ours”, but we all know its really his truck.

They spend about $40,000 for ‘their’ (his) new ride.

She decided soon afterward that she was tired of driving “that little Japanese car” that she had been driving since high school, so she and he went shopping for another car, hers.

She found a gorgeous Buick hatch back, brand new, looking sharp.

With her trade in, she paid $47.000 for it and it rode like a dream!

When school ended for the year, she had finished her required teaching term and had been told that her contract would be renewed, and she’d be given a raise.

So she decided to purchase the new home of her dreams! After all, his criminal justice career had been working out and he’d also gotten a raise.

They talked and decided that a new home was just what they needed, A huge house, with an upstairs portion.

They wanted at least 3,000 Square feet in their home, a modern open kitchen floor plan, three bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms, and downstairs half-bath for visitors.

It would also have an office/library, a large family room, and a dining area.

When completed, the house and five acres cost the couple $250,000,

But then, summertime came around.

“It’s hot!” they complained. “We need our own speedboat, so we can spend time outside, on the water.”

To combat the summer heat, they bought a new speed boat with a fast motor and loved the time they got to spend out on the waves, in the sun.

One morning at about 7 a.m., the wife of our story got up. She was now in her late twenties, and on this day felt nauseous and sick.

“What’s wrong with me?” she wonders, and off to the doctor she goes, where they test her and tell her, “don’t worry you are going to have a baby!”

This gets her to thinking…

“Lord, I don’t have a proper nursery! I have to call Mr. Criminal Justice, and let him find a carpenter! Never enough! Nothing satisfies! More, More!”

It is usual to see young couples starting their lives together, but I have to wonder if they realize that not everyone here, lives in that manner!

There are people, good people, who never went to college. There are people who live very humbly and simply.

There are people who have worked hard for their money, lived their lives simply, and are quietly content with their accomplishments.

They love their home, their family. They never thought of owning a mansion. And yet, these folk are content.

Happiness in life does not come from owning “stuff.” Getting fancy houses, cars, trucks, boats, and so forth will not make a person happy or content with their life.

One Good Book says, “things do not make a person content, or satisfied, lest any man boast!”

Treating others as you wish to be treated, service to those who are old or disabled, and cannot help themselves, will bring contentment to us and peace.

Peace to you all, friends.
By Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes