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A Breezy market day: Vendors remain hopeful

Proof of the mid-day hard breeze trailing through the air was evident through the tugging at several tents. Playfully, blowing hard enough, removing the cap from one vendor’s head, landing a few feet away. The frequent wind rush were to blame for the flap of several tents.

Despite the forceful gust, the handful of vendors were high in spirits as customers began to trickle in, perusing the offerings from fresh plants to handmade crafts. 

“Today is my first time joining this market,” explained Cara Addison, owner of the Little Candle Co.

Addison drove the extra miles from Perry, Florida to participate in the Havana Market. Boasting a collection of non-toxic, all natural coconut candles, Addison prefers festivals and events.

“I love Havana,” added Addison, who also takes part in the annual  Pumpkin Festivities and the Winter Festivals.

The Havana Market is open every fourth Saturday of the month at the Tobacco Shade Museum location, 10-2 p.m. 

Nearby, Naomi Heisinger, a retired grandmother, is handing over a few dollars in exchange for cinnamon flavored candy apples and made from scratch chocolate cake slices.

“We’ve been hooked since it started,” explained Heisinger. 

“Some 21 years ago from the previous location to this spot, they have a lot of different things,” Heisinger further explained.

Cakes by Liz Sweets and Treats is a cottage bakery. Owner, Elizabeth Richardson, a Midway, Florida native began the Havana Market in 2020.

“I sell my baked goods at farmer’s markets, events and pop-up shops,” shared Richardson.

Customers can expect homemade cakes, cookies, peanut brittle and more from this cottage bakery.

Green Thumb anyone? Selina Barone, owner of Florida Garden Escape, describes her home-based nursery as pushing more on the organic side.

“We produce our own soils,” explained Barone. “We use rainwater to water all our plants, avoiding city or well water, “ added Barone. An assortment of herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers are available for purchase. 

Moreover, the Havana Market offers handmade soaps and other crafting accessories. Interested vendors can apply on the Havana Market Facebook page for more information. The monthly market will continue March 23.

Kiwanis White – Gadsden County News Service