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Arrest Reports: Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29

Arrest reports: Monday, April 23 to Sunday, April 29

Names listed are of persons accused of a crime. They are presumed innocent unless declared guilty by a court of law. The reports listed below are submitted by the respective law enforcement agencies.

Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office
April 30, 2018

• Nehemiah Jordan Jr. – Poss of Firearm by convicted felon and discharging a firearm in public

• Jeremy Onesto Belardo – Vop/Child Abuse

• Edrey Acosta-Cabrera – Court order bond revocation/Poss. of counterfeit credit cards

• Audrey Michelle Stanley – LARC 2cts., Trespassing 2cts, 1ct Poss. of drugs/Methamphatamine with intent to sell, manufacture, deliver, 1cts Drugs smuggle Meth into the state, Poss. Of Synth Narcotic over 10 grams and Drug Equipment