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Bo turns 37 – The gentle giant receives spa treatment at Elephant Refuge North America in celebration of his birthday

Elephant Refuge North America kicks off the new year with a grand celebration for its largest resident, Bo. Instead of a massive birthday cake, the 12,000-pound, 10’6” tall Asian åelephant indulged in a feast of fresh fruits, vegetables, and bamboo.

Bo’s special day includes a spa treatment with cold laser therapy for his joints and a pedicure, followed by a mud bath in Georgia’s red clay and a nap in the sun after grazing with friends.

Bo, known for his calm demeanor, retired at 37, surprising the circus industry. Despite his prime years, owner George Carden chose to let Bo live free.

In September 2021, Bo found a new home at Elephant Refuge North America in southernmost Georgia. The refuge, equipped with a state-of-the-art elephant barn and 850 acres of space, became Bo’s haven. His retirement bliss was evident as he explored his new surroundings and formed close bonds with fellow residents Tarra and Mundi.

Bo’s journey began in a breeding program in Tampa. By age five, he was sold to a circus, and he spent 29 years as a lead performer in a circus. Despite his circus past, Bo adapted seamlessly to a life of leisure at the refuge. Known for his calm demeanor and sweet disposition, Bo now spends his days grazing, swimming, napping, and enjoying the company of his elephant companions, Mundi and Tarra, along with their dog friends Mala and Samie.

Elephant Refuge North America, located in Attapulgus, Georgia, offers 850 acres of ideal terrain for elephants to rediscover their natural behaviors and form loving connections.

To learn more about Bo’s forever home and contribute to his care, visit [Elephant Aid International](

Erin Hill – Gadsden County News Service