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Cooperative Extension plant sale draws hundreds

The community showed much anticipation for the University of Florida/IFAS Cooperative Extension’s plant sale last week.

A sign was put up early last week announcing the event held at the extension office in Quincy on Saturday.

That same day, people started stopping by to purchase plants.

“People were coming in trying to buy plants,” Small Farms & Residential Horticulture Agent Donna Arnold said. “I didn’t turn them away.”

UF/IFAS program assistant Crystalgale Hunter said at least 200 people had been to the plant sale by noon on Saturday.

It began at 10 a.m.

There was an assortment of vegetables, herbs, ornamentals and succulents available for purchase.

Hunter said the cooperative extension wanted to provide locals with Florida-friendly plants.

The plant sale was also a way to meet people from the community, and let them know what the extension office has to offer.

The plant sale was made possible by University of Florida IFAS Extension Program, the Florida A&M University Cooperative Extension, and the Florida Master Garden Program.

Proceeds will go to support the Gadsden County Extension Residential Horticulture Program through the Gadsden County Extension Education Foundation.

Hunter said since the plant sale had such great success, she is hoping it will become an annual – and possibly even semiannual – event.

Erin Hill – Gadsden County News Service