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Ferolito football forecasts

After winning in my first two weeks of my picking column, it seemed like I was going to have a promising season.

Things haven’t gone well after those two weeks, and last week Correctional Officer John Copeland nailed me with my third loss in a row, hitting eight of 10 picks to my seven of 10.

So I’m stumbling into this week with a 2-3 season record and will try to rebound against my next foe,  Charles “Cowboy C” Colston.

And this will be anything but easy.

Charles is a born-and-raised Gadsden County guy, who attended Carter-Parramore where he played on the baseball team for several years.

After C-P he worked in tobacco, worked at Stone’s, Gulf Steel and Quincy Joist.

Charles is retired now and you’re libel to find him at any athletic event in the county wearing his trademark white cowboy hat and sometimes a Florida Gator shirt advertising the college team he likes to follow most.

Charles and his wife, the former Mazola McMillian, from the county, have raised nine children and are enjoying grandkids which is one reason Charles is so interested in local sports.

He has watched several of his grandchildren grow up in West Gadsden and East Gadsden athletic programs and was especially attuned to grandson Randal Copeland who is now a freshman linebacker on the undefeated University of South Florida team.

He, of course, got the ‘Cowboy’ nickname from riding horses which he has done for over 40 years. Like all of us old-timers his legs are hurting so he doesn’t ride as much as he did.

But let’s see how he saddles up to take me on this week…

Charles’ picks
Florida A&M over Norfolk State – Rattlers seem to be coming around.
• Miami over Florida State – ‘Canes offense moves the ball.
Florida over Louisiana State – Going with my team.
• Navy over Air Force – Navy usually wins this matchup.
• Kentucky over Texas A&M – Wildcats offense is very good.
• Virginia Tech over Notre Dame – Believe Tech will win.
• Georgia Tech over Louisville – Jackets have a little better defense.
• Oklahoma over Texas – Sooners move the ball well.
• South Carolina over Missouri – Gamecocks have a better offense.
• North Carolina State over Boston College – State has a pretty solid team.

And it will take some kind of solid effort to beat the Cowboy, I’ll try with these picks…

Joe’s picks
• Florida A&M over Norfolk State – Simmons has the Rattlers striking.
• Miami over Florida State – ‘Canes really the better team here.
• Florida over Louisiana State – Mullen has them rocking in Gainesville.
• Navy over Air Force – Middies do seem to find a way to win in this rivalry.
• Texas A&M over Kentucky – Aggies will be ready for this one.
• Notre Dame over Virginia Tech – Irish looking to be a playoff team.
• Georgia Tech over Louisville – Don’t think Cardinals can stop the Jackets.
• Oklahoma over Texas – This one will be fun though.
• Missouri over South Carolina – Tigers in a close one.
• North Carolina State over Boston College – Pack tough at home.

And I hope I’ll be tough enough to knock off ‘Cowboy’ before he rides off in the distance with a win as Charles and I differ THREE times.

By Joe Ferolito