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Florida conservation researchers look for local help in documenting wild turkey habits

Wild turkeys are abundant in Gadsden County, and they’re often seen in the early mornings alongside the road.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking North Florida residents to report sightings of wild turkeys to contribute to their yearly Wild Turkey Summer Survey.

From now until August 31, locals are encouraged to report wild turkey sightings anywhere in the state to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Every summer, the conservation commission conducts a survey to learn more about annual brood survival, nesting success and distribution of wild turkeys in the area.

When you report wild turkey sightings, you help Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists gain insightful information into these statistics, habits and the wild turkey population as a whole. FWC asks that you provide information about the number of birds you saw, where you saw them and what types of birds they are.

If you see a jake (an immature male bird), a hen (a female bird), a hen with or without poults (a young turkey) or a gobbler (an adult male turkey), you can report these sightings online at or by downloading the Survey123ArcGIS app.

Cristi McKee – Gadsden County News Service