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Friends of Library opening Little Free Libraries

Self-contained lending libraries to open in Havana, Midway, Concord and Chattahoochee.

The Gadsden County Friends of the Library have been helping increase access to libraries for our citizens since 1979.

The organization’s latest project is to provide Little Free Libraries at four locations in Gadsden County.

The Gadsden County Friends of the Library first heard of these Little Free Libraries from Monica Watkins-Clay of Quincy, who had one in Chattahoochee she brought with her when she moved to Quincy.

Wikipedia describes Little Free Library as a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire a love of reading; to build community; and to spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world.

The Little Free Library national organization (headquartered in Hudson, Wisconsin) was founded in 2009.

The Friends of the Library purchased these self-contained units directly from Little Free Library. The planned locations will be at the Town Hall in Midway; in front of Stone’s Home Center in Havana; in Concord at the Volunteer Fire Department; and in Chattahoochee (exact location as yet undetermined).

Nesta Cumbie, board member of the Gadsden County Friends of the Library, says her group plans to have their Little Free Libraries focus on children’s books though they will carry some adult books too.

“Many children do not have access to books because of where they live,” Cumbie said, “and reading is so important to their educational development. If we can get books into their neighborhoods, we can do a real service.”

Since 2009, Little Free Libraries have evolved. Originally most were home-built. Now they can be purchased directly from the national organization.

There will be stewards at each location to keep the libraries stocked. The policy will be either an honor system or books will be taken out on a take-a-book, leave-a-book basis.

By Judy Conlin