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Gadsden County Extension Office explores 4-h in public open house

Roger Nemeth holds Tenebris (Latin for ‘darkness’), an Ayam Cemani chicken. The breed is rare, and native to Indonesia.

Whether it is about raising chickens, showing off prize-winning pigs, growing a garden of vegetables or stunning flowers, or even about putting together a sewing project on their own…the Gadsden County Extension Office has a program for kids of all ages.

Last week on Thursday, September 15, children and families from around Gadsden County were invited out to an open house at the extension office in Quincy to learn about the different types of clubs and programs offered by the local 4-H agents.

With over 50 projects offered statewide by the Florida Extension Office, the sampling at the Gadsden County open house only showed a partial outlook on what families can do within a 4-H participation.

Riley Houston and her hybrid Bantam-Silkie chicken (named Ash) represented the various chicken/poultry related clubs 

All the same, there was a bounty of information on local clubs and projects, ranging from sewing clubs to dog training programs, to goat raising and pig showing.

4-H clubs and programs focus on individual aspects of science, engineering, technology, animal husbandry, agriculture, food and nutrition, outdoor adventures, public speaking, art, and wildlife – each with the goal in mind to educate Florida youth and build awareness among the civic, public, business, and agricultural leaders of tomorrow.

The Gadsden County Extension Office’s open house also featured some very special guests: two chickens and a bull.

Riley Houston walked around the open house with Ash, a Bantam-Silkie hybrid chicken on her arm and Ash ate up all the attention that was bestowed by the younger visitors to the extension office.

Tito the bull is admired by a young 4-H’er during the Gadsden County Extension Office open house.

Likewise, Roger Nemeth walked around the room with Tenebris (Latin for ‘darkness’), an Ayam Cemani chicken; the breed is rare, and native to Indonesia.

Both Nemeth and Houston represented some of the farm-fowl clubs and programs offered by the local 4-H office.

Just outside the open house’s conference room, Tito the 10-month-old bull greeted visitors with his big soft eyes and wet nose.

Tito was escorted by Cris Arellano, with CA Farm, a Gadsden County ranch who raises Angus mixes like Tito.

The Gadsden County 4-H program also offered cattle-related clubs and programs.

If your family didn’t get a chance to attend the open house but would like to learn more about the programs offered, the extension office encourages families to call (850) 875-7255 or visit

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