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Gadsden County Humane Society supports local pets through Havana dog wash

The local Gadsden County Humane Society loves to support local pets in the community, and what better way to support the dogs of the community than by hosting a puppy scrub!

On Saturday, August 7, local residents joined the Gadsden County Humane Society for their donation-only Dog Wash.

The Dog Wash fundraiser was created to help support funding for the Gadsden County Humane Society, a private organization that acts as the nonprofit agency for the neglected, unwanted, or unfortunately owner-surrendered pets. 

Throughout the day, volunteers at the Dog Wash scrubbed and bathed a variety of furry and fuzzy dogs that ranged from big to small.

The Dog Wash fundraiser takes place on the first Saturday of each month, from March to October and volunteers say each fundraising dog wash sees between 35 to 50 dogs get bathed each session; the owners of the dogs offer a donation for their dog to get washed.

Gadsden County Humane Society Board Member Billie Blaine serves as a volunteer for this event, and Blaine says she looks forward to making the Dog Wash happen, and asks the community for support for donations.

“We are all volunteers and we receive no funds from the city, county, government or the Humane Society. Although we are low on funds, we strive to continuously support the community pets” said Blaine.

The organization also has done monumental projects in the Gadsden County community that has left a pivotal mark on the lives of volunteers.

Volunteers of the organization Diana Kampert and Matt Keelean explain the achievements they have sent through their 18 years of volunteering.

According to Keelean and Kampert, they consider one of the humane society’s biggest local accomplishments was getting the Gadsden County Commission to pass leash laws.

The two volunteers recall how the Gadsden County Humane Society went to hearings and gathered testimonies in support of the leash laws.

The Gadsden County Humane Society supports low cost spay and neutering for pets, as well responding to the needs of pets who were left as strays or injured.

Volunteers with the August 7 fundraising Dog Wash (to benefit the Gadsden County Humane Society) bathe six-year-old Maya, a pitbull and former foster dog that was rescued from Chipley, Florida.

Pets such as Maya – a six-year-old pitbull belonging to local resident Sheri Eades, was a pet in need but found aid because of her owner.

“She was found in Chipley at four or five months old, and I brought her to my house to rehabilitate and keep her away from everyone until she was used to people again,” said Eades, who adds that the plan was to find Maya a new home…but Maya found herself a home in the Eades’ household. “Instead, we decided to keep her. It was meant to be!”

Eades brought Maya to the dog wash for a bath by the volunteers – but also to show how adopted pets, like Maya, can make a positive difference in prospective pet-owner’s lives.

If you would like to donate to the Gadsden County Humane Society you can make a check out to GCHS and send it to P.O. Box 1268 Havana, Florida, 32333, or donate through PayPal on Facebook.

Of course, another way to support the humane society is to bring your own pet to the dog wash fundraiser next month, on Saturday, September 4.

The fundraiser will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Havana, starting at 9 a.m.

If you are interested in volunteering with the humane society, reach out to Billie Blaine on the Gadsden County Humane Society Facebook page.

Chacoryia Burns – Gadsden County News Service