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Governor DeSantis Announces Plan to Combat Rising Homeless Crisis – With no place to go the homeless are taking claim on public property and setting up camps.

America the homeless. A never-ending problem that is devastating the nation with a pandemic of drugs, prostitution, and stockpiles of trash.

Who is responsible for the out-of-control homeless camps taking over America’s public parks, streets, store fronts, and more? There once was a time when everyday Americans were scurrying to raise funds and open facilities to help the homeless veterans who served our country and fought for our freedom. Now, America is an open battlefield, and the open border is the warzone fueling crime, chaos, and homelessness in our once great country.

How do you feel when watching the news and viewing images depicted of the streets in America, the homeless camps trashing the streets, parks, and business districts? How do you feel when you see the violent criminals claiming to peacefully protest while breaking into businesses, beating business owners, and setting vehicles on fire? At what point was it okay for our government to continue a cycle of open border policies that turned America the Beautiful into America the new 3rd world country? It is not okay to witness the demise of our country and Governor DeSantis is trying his best to keep Florida’s people protected and as safe as he can.

“We cannot allow any city in Florida to become like San Francisco, where homelessness, drugs, and crime have decimated the quality of life, hurt the economy, and erode freedom,” Governor DeSantis said. He is currently working with the Florida Legislator to pass a bill that will help combat the growing homeless situation and keep the streets of Florida safe and clean. The proposals in the bill include increasing funding for homeless shelters, substance abuse and mental health treatment, prohibiting camping on the streets, sidewalks, and parks. The proposal also includes a plan to create state enforcement tools that would ensure local governments comply.

While many think the homeless shelters and treatment facilities may be a good answer to conquer the homeless problem there are still hoards of homeless who choose not to use them. Even with laws in place to keep the homeless from using public buildings, streets, and other areas there is a dire need for further solutions. 

Patricia Smith