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Havana supports Volunteer Fire Department with Pilau fundraiser

The Havana Volunteer Fire Department Held its annual Pilau fundraiser on Thursday, March 7.

The drive-thru event was held in Havana Community Park, where eager diners were able to purchase plates of pilau, coleslaw, green beans, and crackers at $10 per serving.

Volunteers from the town, including firemen, police officers, citizens, and at least one member of the town government, Town Manager Kendrah Wilkerson, helped to cook and serve the food to the public, who lined up along 6th Avenue to pick up their food.

All funds earned from the event will directly benefit the Fire Department.

“It’s a fundraiser for our Volunteer Fire Department, said Havana Fire Chief Don Harrison as he stirred a large pot of green beans. “It’s for the things we need. Like right now we’ve got an order in for fire hoses to go on one of our trucks. That’s the kind of thing this money goes toward. It’s not for personal use, it’s for Fire Department use to better the Fire Department.”

Those wishing to partake in the meal had the option to purchase meal tickets in advance at Stone’s in Havana or pay at pickup.

One hundred tickets were sold in advance, and the food sold out early, about an hour and a half into the two hour time frame scheduled for the event. 

“I am very blessed with the firemen and women that we have in this department,” said Chief Harrison. “Because it’s a volunteer department.”

The pilau chefs were: Rick Sansom, Billy Shelfer, Robert Dunn, Mack Dunn, Newt Dunn, Tim Whitfield, and Jeff Vickers.

“They are the backbone,” Chief Harrison said. “They do everything. Cooking the chicken, picking the chicken, prepping the chicken. It’s an all day thing for them. And they do three or four fundraisers a year.” 

Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service