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Havana to annex new areas within town limits

At the Town of Havana’s January 30 Town Council meeting, council members voted to start one voluntary annexation and one involuntary annexation.

The motion for voluntary annexation was the result of a request from a representative of the Havana Community Development Corporation, which owns the former Northside High School in Havana.

Wilbur Butler Jr. explained to the council that if the property occupied by the former school became city property, it would be eligible for consideration for increased grants from the state.

Council member Cathy Johnson then suggested turning the site into a recreation center.

Bruce Ballister then explained to council members the differences between voluntary and involuntary annexation into the city limits.

After that, the council members voted unanimously to start a voluntary annexation process to bring the former Northside High site into the city limits.

They also voted to begin an involuntary annexation on an area south of town to bring 16th Avenue and everything in between 17th Avenue inside the city limits.

To inform residents and property owners of this intended move, the council members agreed to send out information to the public about the intended annexations through newspaper advertisements, inside of utility bills and in direct mail pieces.

By Randall Lieberman