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“Havana’s Christmas” – A holiday rhyme by Judy Conlin

“Havana’s Christmas”

A holiday rhyme by Judy Conlin

Santa sat in his workshop

A puzzled look on his face. 

What gift could he give

To  Havana- a good place?

He looked at his gift list

Studied it up and down

Reviewing each item

 Increasing his frown.

He couldn’t give ‘friendly’.

That point had been made.

The ‘Friendliest town’ title

Was their accolade.

He couldn’t give ‘talent’

It was there by the score.

Just look at the murals

Or Christmas Card Lane

Or the quilters at The Hub

Making each counterpane.

The silverware sculptor

Or Leesha acting on stage,

Or our own local authors

Writing many a page.

No sense giving “business”

With ideas so grand.

Havana Merchants kept working

And had that well in hand.

Events were planned

Celebrations made.

Santa had even helped out

At their Lawnmower parade.

“Futuristic thinking”, he thought

Would make a great gift.

A way to give Havana

An upgrade-a lift.

He read in The Herald,

A startling report.

A new enterprise was coming

 Havana Springs Resort.

Some folks were working

With hope and good cheer

To try to bring about

Our own theater here.

Then Main Street Havana

Works by day and by night

To help make the future 

Be merry and bright.

So what can I give them?

Santa pondered and thought.

And here’s what that thinking

Finally wrought.

“I’ve got it,” he shouted

So loud all could hear.

“I’ll give “perseverance”

To last them all year.

They’re already working

On what they may lack,

Already improving

And on the right track.

I have faith in them

That they’ll do it up right.”

He rushed to his sleigh,

No frown now in sight,

And he sprinkled his magic

T’was all he could do

He chuckled and called out

“Merry Christmas to you.

I love you, Havana,

But one word of advice.

Nurse Judy is silly

She’s often not nice,

But if you saw in her heart

You’d find a surprise,

She adores all her readers

You’re great in her eyes.

Her wish for you

Is not surly or clever

Just have a great Christmas

The best holiday ever.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

-Judy and Nurse Judy