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Havana’s Rich Bay Road is a Reoccurring Accident Zone – The Florida Department of Transportation has been made aware of the heightened community topic and has plans to help.

Many locals have been concerned about the intersection of Rich Bay Road that connects to Highway 27. Several vehicle accidents have occurred at the location and the community feels as though they could have been prevented if there had been more efficient turning lanes.

Highway 27 is a high traffic area for both Northbound and Southbound traffic.

The Department of Transportation has plans to improve the location, including a new design for turn lanes, but there is no definitive date for when work will begin to create a safer driving environment at the Rich Bay Road intersection.  According to the department’s data, the main causes for accidents there are speeding, operational error, headlight outages, and wet roadways. There have been at least seven documented accidents at the location within the last two-years and locals are pleading for preventative measures to be quickly taken before another accident happens.

Careless and unnecessary accidents can be prevented if driver’s always pay attention, abide by posted speed limit signs, and other driving rules including no cell phone usage while driving. Some examples of driving distractions are text messaging, phone calls, zoom meetings, eating, using navigation systems, arguing with a passenger, putting on makeup, unruly pets, changing radio stations, and watching movies etc.

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service