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In Hurricane Michael’s wake, Gadsden County shows its true colors: pride, grit, determination and unity

One of the hardest-hit communities in Gadsden County, Chattahoochee was – and to a large extent, still is – a sobering landscape of demolished buildings, leveled woodlands and barely recognizable neighborhoods. Hurricane Michael’s merciless winds, which early data suggests were around 115 mph by the time the eyewall grazed western Gadsden County, obliterated seemingly rock-solid, century-old brick buildings. Yet this lone American flag in downtown Chattahoochee held on in the face of the torrent, tattered but still clinging to its leaning pole beneath a beautiful, beaming sun – warming the hurricane-ravaged town below. Likewise, many Gadsden County residents are barely hanging on, yet surviving. If you’re one of them, read today’s edition of The Herald and visit for information about how you can hopefully not just survive, but thrive once again via programs and support from local, state, Federal and private aid agencies.

By Brian Dekle