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Invasion of the aluminum army

With the Smithsonian in town, the launch of a new community “togetherness” initiative, murals multiplying, the upcoming Festival of Arts and Bikes, et cetera, et cetera, you might say Havana is experiencing something of a “golden age.” If you were downtown this past weekend, however, the Havana experience was wholly “silver” as scores of sleek, mirror-polished Airstream trailers filled the local streetscape to the brim, overflowing into the community park, church parking lots, Havana Springs resorts and other spaces. Check regularly over the next several days – we will be uploading more photos and will add thoughts and comments from organizers, mini-profiles on some of the out-of-town Airstream enthusiasts camped downtown and other items of interest. Stay tuned!


-Brian Dekle


Photos by B. Dekle//T. Lombardo//T. Paul//M. Pettus//G. Smith
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