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From The Editor: Let’s all pledge to reduce driving distractions

I must confess I have been guilty of distracted driv- ing. Though I never have been brazen enough to text and drive, I have been distracted while eating while driving; tuning the radio while driving; fiddling with the GPS while driving; or talking on the cell phone while driving.

After reading Captain Thomas Pikul’s editorial on distracted driving (above), I have taken to heart how important it is not to be distracted while driving and

ledge to discontinue any dangerous practices I have allowed myself to engage in while behind the wheel.

Though I am sure there are some of you who have never allowed themselves to be distracted while driv- ing, I would imagine that most of you have done one or more of these things at some point or other.

Let’s all pledge to take Captain Pikul’s words to heart and do a better job of eliminating distracted driving from our lives.

This will create safer roadways for all and serve as a good example for the young people in our community.

By: Randall Lieberman, Editor