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Letter to the editor – 9/29

Whenever I am asked on a form of some sort to state my “ethnicity”, I defiantly answer by writing the word “American”.

What is wrong with us that we even care about ethnicity?

That is not what we are about, or should be about, anyway.

We all come from a family of one description or another, and that is largely what forms us.

For me, I was raised stunningly absent of any comments about “race”, but came to my own conclusions as I watched the news of the 60’s and later unfold.

It was not hard to see how messed up we were…and unfortunately still are.

What is with this obsession, anyway?

Have we not heard of the “golden rule”?

Do we really not get that everyone is fundamentally the same…that we all love, struggle, aspire, and die as human beings infused with the same red blood?

As someone said, “It’s not about the ethnicity…It’s about the person.”

Let’s try some empathy, and let’s realize that the opposite of talking is not listening, but that it is waiting for the other person to say more.

Let’s love one another as beautiful, generic Americans.

Rick Soskis – Havana