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Letter to the Editor – Anne Radke


Stop fighting and get a life.

It is NOT a particular political party that can change America, it is done by us. The virtues of kindness, love, respect, forgiveness and integrity are nonexistent in protests and riots.  Use your ability to make change in positive ways.

Do not break the law, hurt others, steal, destroy and kill. Be the one that helps, encourages, loves and makes America great again. I have friends on both sides of political views, and they are good people. They do not deserve the criticism, ridicule or their property stolen. No one does.

We are not sick, broke and unhappy because the pandemic was handled incorrectly. Sickness has been around for hundreds of years. We can argue that jobs were lost, sickness and death happened, but that too has been around since America was formed. It is time to stop playing the blame game, revenge wars and having pity parties. Wouldn’t you rather embrace life, instead of being miserable?

People who swallow what they are fed, with ridiculous theories of how bad our country is, do not see the value of life in America. 2020 has been rough for everyone, but to hopeful people that married, couples blessed with a child or someone who finally is in remission, 2020 looks very different.

Fight real problems, like cancer, not issues from the past. This is 2020 people, no one is discriminated against, unless they believe it and expect things to be different. No one is causing us to be unhappy. Grow up and take charge of your life. It’s all a work in progress and it is called life, so create it like you want.

Help others, but do not cripple them so they can’t stand on their own. Give to others when needed, but not to the point they don’t try to help themselves. If you bring children in this world, work and take care of them. If you are tired of the government control, get an education and make the needed changes.

Choose to think and act different, otherwise, we will have the same results next year and we will fall. All of us deserve to be loved, happy and safe. Try opening your heart and mind to see another point of view. No politician has all the answers. Positive builds, negative destroys. Do what is right, lawfully and morally and respect others who share the same freedom as you do.

Anne Radke
Havana, Florida