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Letter to the Editor – Anne Radke

The CDC’s website says residents are advised (not mandated) to wear face coverings IF social distancing is not possible. The two week to flatten the curve has now exceeded six months.

People are growing weary of the “good” it is doing and think this is all about money and political positioning.

With testing errors and the ineffectiveness of the masks, people are questioning why are we still made to wear these? No one wore a mask in flu season and it has killed more people than COVID.

Let’s just say masks work. Have you seen how many times people touch their masks? It is outrageous! It is improperly worn and contaminated. It does not protect us; hand washing and maintaining social distancing does.

The mask mandate is also unfair to those with disabilities. As the mandate states, those who have trouble breathing and other health related do not have to wear one. No one asks if you have a health reason for not wearing a mask. Instead, citizens are ordered by local government, their rights removed and are discriminated against.

Communism and Socialism are direct government interference. America, unlike the communistic ones, is a free country with the people’s right to choose and be heard. Elected officials should hear what the community has to say and consider the way they treat them. Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners’ purpose is to serve, not strip the community of their rights. That is tyranny. And the citizens are not being heard.   

Since this mandate, the once loving community has changed to anger, frustration, and fear.  Businesses are afraid of being shut down, fined and barely able to provide for their families. It is hard to speak up for yourself when you are muzzled like a dog. Thank goodness the press is fair enough to print both sides, otherwise citizens would never be heard.

We are a rural community that pays taxes, conducts business and supports one another. Our children can go back to school, the cherished football games can be held, but a person with disabilities is ignored and outcast. Something is wrong with the way things are handled.

Unless you have experienced hearing, breathing or emotional trauma you cannot understand how unfair the mandate is.

This discriminating mandate has turned people against each other and given some a platform to be rude. Those we voted in to protect and represent us, have oppressed more than they saved.

Anne Radke