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Letter to the Editor – Logic 101

“Stand your ground”

For such a simple command, created by bullies in Florida’s legislature for bullies to apply in public spaces, the logic that attempts to operate within “Stand Your Ground” is mind-boggling.

I don’t expect the law-makers who created this deadly legislation to process this successfully, and admittedly it has taken me a seriously embarrassing amount of time to come to terms with the flow of the law as it would apply on the street in a challenging circumstance, but here is the logic that should cause thelLegislature to immediately rescind this bully’s dream of a law…

 Under “Stand Your Ground”, one has to “reasonably believe” that lethal force is necessary; however, when one is able to make force unnecessary by stepping away from confrontation, there becomes no reasonable justification for the belief that force must still be used, rendering the precondition of “reasonably believe” moot. The Florida Legislature needs to do everyone a favor and rescind this sad, meaningless law… meaningless because it is essentially uninterpretable, and sad because it encourages lethal force and needless deaths.

Be careful for whom you vote. We need to elect better people, those who care about Floridians’ lives…and logic!