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Letter to the editor: March 22, 2018


What would you do with at least tens of millions of dollars if you won the Florida Lottery or Powerball? Who can use that much money for themselves anyway?

Everyone is aware that we have failed to properly honor the value and importance of our teachers and our public education system. Recently the system has become severely challenged as tax money intended for public schools is nefariously allowed to be shunted to private institutions.

Making things worse, Florida Lottery money is supposed to be used to enhance our public schools, but according to State Sen. Bill Montford, while it does flow into education, “it goes out the other end” for purposes other than education.

Gadsden County, of course, is the second lowest-ranked school district in the state. BUT … but … there is a solution.

If we could just simultaneously put a cap on lottery winnings (from both the Florida Lottery and Powerball) with the overage each time going on a rotating basis to each of the state’s ten most struggling districts (including Gadsden County).

Gadsden Schools Superintendent Roger Milton is very much in favor of this idea, which he said could be a huge boost for small and rural school districts like Gadsden

This idea should be codified by our legislature and the voters need to replace any members who fail to sponsor such a bill or who vote against it.

Rick Soskis