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Letter to the Editor – Marva Davis


If your doctor received a report from radiology showing that you had cancer or HIV, but decided not to tell you because he didn’t want you to panic, how would you feel? How would your family feel? Would you and your family think the doctor was wrong, incompetent and had committed malpractice? Would you feel that you had been robbed of the right to make an informed decision on how to live or die, whether to have radiation therapy or chemotherapy, or to take other measures that might save or protect your life or lives of your loved ones?

Supposed your doctor knew you had pre-cancer and all you needed to do was have a small spot removed from your breast to live, but instead of recommending surgery he allowed your cancer to grow to stage 4, because of not wanting to make you panic, how would you feel?

Would you allow such a doctor to continue to practice medicine, or would you fire him and tell everybody you knew that he was a quack?

President George Bush and his administration lied to the American people that Iraq and President Saddim Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Reportedly, that lie cost “nearly 300,000 civilians and combatants to be killed and more about $2 trillion to be spent” due to the unnecessary invasion.

That unnecessary invasion also caused America to be distrusted around the world and provoked militants around the world to target Americans.

The truth mattered then and it matters now.

President Trump is the leader and Commander and Chief of America. He holds the life of Americans and even the world in his hands. What he and his administration says and does matters more than any other person in the country and more than any other government in the world.

It was recently revealed “out of Trump’s own mouth” that he knew the dangers of Covid-19, but he lied about it to the American people. Trump was obligated to tell American citizens the truth about the deadly COVID-19, take measures to protect us, and tell us how to protect ourselves and each other.

He deliberately and callously lied to us. He continues to lie to us, although his lie has cost the lives of almost 200,000 people (and is climbing).

What will be the next big deadly lie?
We must vote him out. Trump, you are fired!

Marva A. Davis
Gadsden County Democratic Women’s Club