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Letter to the Editor – Parental homework, involvement key to quality childcare

I want to encourage people to find the best childcare for the safety and welfare of their children. The importance of childcare and preschool education can not be overstated.

Cuts in federal funding make affordability difficult, but it’s worth it when it comes down to your children. An after-school program ensures working and late working parents of a safe and educational environment for children who would otherwise be “latchkey kids” left unsupervised and sometimes in unsafe conditions.

To provide quality care for the children, facilities should serve two full meals daily and a snack in the afternoon to hold the children until time to be picked up. Curriculums should meet the requirements of all state guidelines, and the staff should follow state rules and rules and regulations and training. Children should be taught reading, counting, alphabets, colors, shapes and writing. Good after-school programs help with homework and school assignments.

Childcare and development have been my life-long passion. It is a commitment as well as a career. I love to see kids have fun and learn. I believe in my heart that working with youth and small children requires a deep commitment to the welfare of each unique child. This commitment is not to be taken lightly.

There’s a great demand for dependable, quality and professional early childhood education where children can grow and learn in a safe, healthy and productive atmosphere full of love and compassion. Visit as many childcare centers as you can, review your choices and select someone who will care and value your child as you would.

Katherine RobinsonQuincy