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Letter to the Editor: Rick Soskis, April 26, 2018

Editor: Sometimes, things just cannot be fixed. For the last number of years. the 2nd Amendment has clearly fallen into that category.

It does not matter how old it is … but it most certainly matters that its conflicting terms are dividing us.

The Supreme Court wants nothing to do with settling arguments over the 2nd Amendment because that can never be settled because the amendment contains the competing philosophies of a collective and an individual right to bear arms.

Those who live in uninformed and irrational fear of our “gun rights” dissolving should have some faith and dive into the process of replacing our flawed 2nd Amendment so we can unify and move forward.

Rest assured knowing that in order to amend the U.S. Constitution, two-thirds of Congress must vote in favor, and three-fourths of the States must ratify the change.

Let’s work together with confidence and solve this.

Rick Soskis