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Letter to the Editor


2020 has been an ever changing process.

From the dark days of sickness, confinement, and hurtful opinions to election mudslinging, what a nightmare COVID has caused, that it kept us fearful and so wrapped up in our own world.

We have been confined by limitations imposed on us and suffered emotional, physical, and financial losses.

Let us anticipate and visualize that soon we will emerge to be free from harshness and chaos. The world looks different when you are wrapped up in your own way of looking at things. The lessons learned during this time and new ways of doing things will benefit us. Out of pain and agony can come enlightenment.

Some may wish history to be erased, but it is proof we can overcome and adapt to any obstacle that gets in our way. I refuse to think this is the new normal. I say we are capable of living even better.

Neither media nor politicians can influence what we know to be true for ourselves. The beauty of living in America is we are free. Free to make choices whether they differ from others or not. There is no need for ridicule or to set someone straight.

It has been said, “We are in this together,” but no butterfly is encased with others. It awaits the hour that freedom emerges through the struggle and transforms into a more beautiful life. To stay the same and never change is like death. It takes work and can even be intimidating to evolve but so worth it.

For some of us, it is family and faith. For others, it could be scientific discoveries or a new career. Whatever change brings, the point is transformation is taking place.

Regardless, my friends, of who wins the election, it is our choice of how we wait for the time to emerge, not what someone says it has to be. What will we take into our new life from all we have learned?

No one has all the answers. As we become a broader minded, more forgiving people with less bias, we can hopefully live more peacefully. It’s a beautiful world with some beautiful people in it. Let us look around and be grateful we have the opportunity to change.

Anne Radke