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Local karate students win big in Gainesville

The Alpha Upkudo Karate School, located in Havana, recently competed in the 29th annaul Gainesville Challenge with ten students bringing home nineteen trophies.

Competitors compete in fighting, which is full-contact bouts against opponents without weapons; sparring, low-contact fighting against opponents without weapons; kata (or forms), which is the judging of pre-set routines and movements; and weapons, which is the handling of certain traditional martial arts weapons.

Upkudo uses primarily three approaches in tourney sparring and fighting: aggressive, non-aggressive and counter-attack. These approaches are designed to take away the opponent’s best techniques.

Upkudo teachers train their students to use their hands as much as their feet. The Upkudo style is hard, sharp, fast and unpredictable.

The Gainesville Challenge results for Alpha Upkudo were as follows:

• Sarah Aperauch, Green Belt women: 2nd fighting; 3rd kata.

• Elijah Breedlove, Yellow Belt: 1st, kata; 1st, fighting.

• Victoria Campbell, Yellow Belt: 1st, fighting; 4th, kata.

• Justin English, Black Belt: 2nd, kata; 3rd, fighting.

• Geremy Gerald, Black Belt: 1st, weapons; 1st, sparring.

• Landyn Hallmark, 9-10 year Yellow Belt: 3rd weapons; 4th sparring.

• John Stallworth, Green Belt men: 2nd, kata; 2nd, fighting.

• Carl Warren, Black Belt executive: 2nd, kata; 2nd fighting.

• Dresden Warren, 9-10 year Red Belt: 1st, kata; 2nd, fighting.

• Maddox Warren, 5-6 year old: 4th, fighting.

Alpha Upkudo to hold Warrior 10 Challenge

On Saturday, April 28, Alpha Upkudo will be conducting the Warrior 10 Challenge at its home in Havana (1412 Florida-Georgia Highway).

Any interested sponsors for the event, or those wanting more information about the event, can email school director Anne Radke at masteranne@upkudo. com or call her at (850) 514-4334.

Special to The Herald