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Local store sells the winning million dollar lottery ticket

As speculation swirls about the identity of the winner, this stroke of luck has the community buzzing with excitement.

Sal Mustafa, owner of Lynn’s Country Store and Liquor has become the center of attention after selling the winning million dollar ticket on March 1. Located on the Florida-Georgia Highway, the neighborhood store sells everything from food to essentials, lottery tickets, liquor to 69 cent money orders. 

“I was happy for the person,” said Mustafa, who says the winner is a frequent customer but declined to reveal the ticket holder’s name. “This is a family store, mostly the same customers come here everyday.”

Mustafa has been serving the community for over a decade. Known for his friendly demeanor and dedication to customer service, The One Stop Shop owner has become a family figure amongst regulars. 

“It was shocking because you don’t expect this from a scratch off,” said Edgar Cuellar, a store employee. 

Adell Herrera, has worked as a cashier at the store for five years, recounted the moment she found out she’d sold the winning ticket. Receiving the news a day later, she was really surprised.

“He walked in and purchased four different lottery tickets, including the last Monopoly scratch off on the roll,” said Herrera. “He spent about $20 and left the store.”

Herrera said this is her first time selling a million dollar ticket, noting most winning tickets are $10, $100 and even $500 on a scratch off. 

Havana, known as the friendliest town has become a lot friendlier with the same streak of luck hitting twice in just five months. According to Mustafa, on October 16, 2023, a customer spent $10 on a Gold Rush scratch off ticket and won $100,000. 

The increase of foot traffic is keeping the store busy as curious customers travel from as far as Tallahassee and Georgia to become the next winner. 

Meanwhile, Mustafa and his staff humbly await to witness the next person to experience a life-changing moment, from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Kiwanis White – Gadsden County News Story