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Mary Brock running for school board, District 2

For many years, Gadsden County residents have urged Mary Brock to run for Gadsden County School Board. After every request, her answer remained the same.

“It’s not the right time,” Brock would respond.

When her sons, Jordan and Jeremy, attended school in Havana and Brock served as president of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), many in the group told her she should run, but, again, she told her supporters it wasn’t the right time.

Brock has worked directly with students in classrooms and met with concerned and overwhelmed parents outside the classroom. Thankful for her guidance and assistance bridging the gap between teachers, administration and parents, yet again, many parents and school staff asked her to run.

While Brock advocated for Gadsden County students in students to members of the community as an employment specialist or in her role as Quincy Kiwanis Club president, she again fielded dozens of requests for her to lend her expertise to the local school board. And still, Brock couldn’t be persuaded.

But earlier this year, Brock experienced a change of heart. One day a friend suggested this was the year to run.

After years of seeing firsthand how challenging being a teacher in Gadsden County can be, she mulled the possibility over with extra careful reflection this time.

Being a teacher in Gadsden Count is “really tough,” she thought. Brock also thought about the challenges the district would face this year, and concluded she had the experience and the desire to make a difference.

She knew then that this year was the year – the time was right for her to be on the school board.

Brock’s supporters urge local residents to vote for Brock Aug. 28, touting her as the most qualified candidate running in any district in Gadsden County.

Special to The Herald