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Mask giveaway in Chattahoochee

Two Gadsden County residents are helping their community by hosting a weekly mask giveaway for other local residents.

Linda Martin and Ann Wakefield, two sisters, will be hosting a free mask giveaway in Chattahoochee every Friday. This is a project that the two women had undertaken earlier this year, but as the giveaway was held outdoors, they had to temporarily discontinue it due to the increasing summer heat. Martin says that she and her sister will be resuming their giveaway, this time at an indoor venue, throughout August.

Linda Martin and Ann Wakefield are two sisters who are making it their mission to supply free masks to their community. The sisters will be holding weekly mask giveaways in Chattahoochee for as long as the need prevails.

The giveaway event will now be held at the local Recreation Center, located at 131 Oak Street, in Chattahoochee. This new venue will keep participants out of the sun, while still allowing the space for social distancing; Martin and Wakefield also chose to use this new location, as it is a place that many locals are familiar with, due to its designation as a local voting spot.

Masks will be given away from 10 a.m. until noon, every Friday, and the two sisters plan to keep their project ongoing for as long as there is a local need. One mask will be given out per person, although some exceptions may be made, as appropriate.

A free mask giveaway will be held every Friday at the Chattahoochee Recreation Center on Oak Street. Locals are invited to attend and receive a complimentary mask.

The cloth masks have three levels of filtration and are completely washable, meaning wearers can continue to use them even after being worn.

While the masks are completely free, Martin and Wakefield do encourage those with the ability to make a donation. Every donation that is received will go towards purchasing more materials for the sisters to continue making masks. Donations are not required.

 While attending this giveaway, be sure to practice proper social distancing, such as standing six-feet away from other participants, and wearing your masks once you have received it.

By Ashley Hunter /
Photos Courtesy of Linda Martin