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Meet The Candidates: 2018 Election Guide

We reached out to the candidates and asked them why they deserve your votes. The answers from those that responded are below and continue on page A8. All photos submitted.


Nick Bert

My name is Nick Bert and I am a candidate for Havana Town Council Group 4. I believe local government’s basic responsibilities are public safety; health and welfare; infrastructure improvement and maintenance; and economic development.

I am a proponent of recreation, a clean environ- ment and good community relations.

I was born and raised in Havana and attended Havana High School and the University of Florida. I recently retired as owner of the Havana Herald.

I am a grandfather of four, an elder in the Havana Presbyterian Church and a member of several active community organizations.

I feel it is a privilege to serve the people of Havana and look forward to working with our town council members. I believe Havana can be the “Crown Jewel” of Gadsden County.

Ben Golden, Jr.

Hi, my name is Ben Golden Jr. I am lifelong resident of our beautiful town of Havana.

I’m seeking election to continue growth in diversity, economic development and equality for all.

Allow me to be a part of your voice for our Town of Havana.


Edward Bass

Havana has been my home for my entire life.

Karen and I have been married for 45 years and raised two children here, and I am grandpa to four grandchildren here.

I own the Subway restaurant in Havana with 10 em- ployees. We see Havana as our community but it is also a business. I understand how important it is to have a thriving downtown we are all proud of and want to be in.

This town has been through significant ups and downs during my lifetime. I enjoyed the good times and suffered the bad. I owe this town a lifetime and I want to give back — to lend my experience and ex- pertise to the shaping of the present and future of Ha- vana for all residents.

Phyllis D. Thomas

I am a native of Havana and a graduate of Havana Northside High School Class of 1978. I attended Tal- lahassee Community College and Florida A&M Uni- versity. My employment history includes working for the Dept. of Highway Safety, State Attorney’s Office for the 4th Judicial Circuit and the Attorney General’s Office in Tallahassee (which included criminal and civil litigation).

I retired March 20, 2016 after 35 years of service.

Since retirement, I have been involved in commu- nity service to the elderly. My belief in God, family and friends are most important to me. My mission in life is not merely to survive — but to thrive and to do so with passion, compassion, humor and style.

I am married to Larry, and we have a son, Tillman.


Anquarnette Richardson

I am a longtime resident of Chattahoochee. I am the wife of Lewis Richardson and the mother of four children. I attended and grad- uated from Chattahoochee High School. I obtained a Masters in Social Work and undergrad in Psychology

from Saint Leo University.
I currently work as a social worker at DaVita Inc. I

was previously employed as a rehabilitation therapist and child protection investigator.

I own/operate Richardson Beauty Supply and Salon in Chattahoochee. I am an active participant in the Chattahoochee Elementary Christmas Connection.

I chose to run for office to “Move Our Community Forward.” As a social worker, I value social justice and human rights. I would love to use my experience to breathe new life into the City of Chattahoochee.


Amy Glass

My name is Amy M. Glass and I am running for the position of the Chatta- hoochee City Council’s District 3 seat.

My campaign motto is “Restoring Hometown Pride!” I grew up in Chattahoochee, graduated from Chatta- hoochee High School and lived in Chattahoochee most of my life. Some of my most fond memories of my city were the days when there was a strong sense of commu- nity and where businesses could thrive.

I hope to restore those elements to the City of Chatta- hoochee if I am elected to the Council.

I believe Chattahoochee has the potential to be a place where people want to live and open businesses once again.


Derrick Elias

I am the only candidate in this election who has experience in representing you.

I am also the only candidate who actually lives in your district with you.

You have called on me for various things over the years, and I have been there for you.

Now, I am calling on you because I need your vote. This is no time to experi- ment with someone else who has never done any- thing for the City of Quincy.

I have accomplished sev- eral things since the last election that greatly impact

our district and the City of Quincy.
First, the city received a perfect audit of its finances.

Secondly, I was able to secure the land and build a huge community park in the Hillside community.

Lastly, I have secured funds to clean up South Adams Street in the downtown area, better known as “The Block.”

Ronte Harris

My entire life has been deeply grounded in Quincy. For the past 16 years, I served my county and city as an educator in the Gadsden County school system.

My vision for Quincy is to become a city that appeals to the needs and interests of its residents — and provides tools for economic empower- ment regardless of age, ethnicity, background or education.

If elected to represent District 3, I will promote and provide incentives for small businesses and entrepre- neurship; seek indus-

tries and corporations that provide jobs; educate residents on ways to reduce utility costs; develop partnerships that provide relevant and useful re- sources to assist residents; and empower residents to become economically self-sufficient.

My goal on the commission is to make a strong, positive impact on the City of Quincy.


Evelyn “Bea” Riley-Goldwire

Motto: Real Help in Real Times!
I am Evelyn “Bea’ Riley-Goldwire, a candidate for Gretna City Commission Seat 1.

I’m a native of Gretna with over 15 years of ex- perience in city govern- ment, who takes great pride in being a com- munity partner and ad- vocate as well as getting the job done!

My city government experience has endowed me with the key quali- ties and characteristics needed to become a pas- sionate and productive commissioner for the city of Gretna.

As a result, I wholeheartedly believe it is my duty and obligation to give back and share what was im- parted in me as well as to continue Gretna’s legacy of community leadership and become economically self-sufficient.


Annette Bates

Annette Bates did not submit a statement.


Edward Jerry Wynn

Edward Jerry Wynn did not submit a statement.


Lorrin Howell

Lorrin Howell did not submit a statement.

Lou Bennie “Ann” Williams

Lou Bennie “Ann” Williams did not submit a statement.


Marsha Jackson Fitzgerald

Marsha Jackson Fitzgerald did not submit a state- ment.

Etta Nadine Wright-Reed

Etta Nadine Wright- Reed did not submit a statement.


Johnnie House Jr.

Johnnie House Jr. did not submit a statement.

Jeffery McNealy

Jeffery McNealy did not submit a statement.


Gretna Sample Ballot

Quincy Sample Ballot