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Nurse Judy: My accomplishments

This pandemic hasn’t been all bad. As I look back to April, I have accomplished quite a bit despite having to put up with my greedy alter ego, Nurse Judy and my frisky other roommate, Beebe, the cat. I recently decided to make a list of my several accomplishments in order to cheer myself up.

Since this pandemic, I:

  • Got a pacemaker.
  • Had the front porch power washed.
  • Painted the bare wood areas caused by power washing (did this only as high as I could reach).
  • Installed new flooring in the walk-in closet.
  • Cleaned out Nurse Judy’s shoe bins, throwing out all dilapidated shoes including one perfect shoe that I hadn’t been able to find the mate for in over a year.
  • Donated 17 kitchen appliances that I no longer used.
  • Got some kind of a device for help if I fall and can’t get up.
  • Collapsed three of my file cabinets into two, recycling seven bags of paper.
  • Landscaped my backyard with potted plants (couldn’t dig holes for in-ground ones).
  • Cleaned out the cabinet on the back porch and moved the new cabinet in after cleaning and rearranging the porch.
  • Bought lots of stuff online for Nurse Judy.
  • Cleaned out umpteen drawers and cupboards.

I look over my list and I’m pretty proud of myself. I did all this plus my regular house cleaning, floor mopping, weed whacking, clothes washing and meal making. I couldn’t help but brag a little to Nurse Judy. She gives  me her cynical look and points out a few things I hadn’t listed.
“You had nothing to do with getting a pacemaker,” she said. “The doctor did that. Before he did, you weren’t able to do anything. The paint at the top of the front porch still has to be touched up. Beebe misses the carpet in the walk-in closet where he used to curl up and sleep, You found my missing favorite shoe under the couch but you had already thrown out its mate so I’m in mourning for that mistake of yours. You bought a new pressure cooker after donating those appliances and still don’t know how to use it. You’ve lost your help device so it does you no good, and I certainly can’t pick your chubby self up if you fall. You just filled an extra file cabinet with different stuff so you didn’t make more space. The deer ate all your plants. You repotted them and they ate them again. The back porch is even more crowded with the new cabinet. Everything you bought me online had to be returned. I need to go on a real shopping excursion. Your drawers and cupboards may be neater but you can’t find a thing. Now tell me, what did you really accomplish?”

I’m wondering. What did I accomplish?

More later,
Wondering Judy
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