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Nurse Judy’s Nook: Home Improvement

I have a personality flaw that is driving me crazy.

Nurse Judy, my judgmental alter-ego, explodes with laughter at this announcement. She believes I have thousands of character flaws.

Her assessment does not bother me. I believe that what she considers personality weaknesses are merely my practicality as opposed to her utter self-involvement and self-indulgence.

Still, this one flaw of mine does not fit in with my practical views. This flaw makes me a totally house-proud individual.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I just had a nice home and was content with it. That is not how it is.
Every waking hour, I see things that I want to improve.
A little project turns into bigger and bigger projects.

Take my kitchen as an example.

I didn’t have a pantry and although I had lots of cupboards, I had to have a pantry. I turned a broom closet into a pantry and moved the broom closet into the laundry room.

The kitchen cupboards needed something so I had them refaced. I saw my sister- in-law’s rolling shelves and, of course, I had to have some.

I had six sliding drawers installed in the kitchen. They were great so I didn’t stop. I had two put in the powder room, one in the dressing room and one in the master bath.

My kitchen still didn’t satisfy me.

I needed a bigger island for company.

I had a beautiful new larger island installed. That made the floor look shabby. New flooring was put down.

I did not replace my old red countertops because I was fond of them. Now I would like to replace the backsplash but don’t know if I can without tearing out the old countertops.

While, I worry about this, I do see that the new flooring looks great so I decide to put new flooring in the guest room and in my dressing room.

The improvements that have been done please me, but I notice how the new floor- ing makes the carpet in the master bedroom and in the great room look dated.

I really can’t afford redoing them at this time because these two rooms are huge. I wish I could stop fussing about them.

Nurse Judy is delighted by my plight.

“You complain about the money I spend on my upkeep,” she says, “but it is nothing compared to what you spend on this house.”

I want to tell her that the house is holding up better with its improvements than she is with hers, but I keep it to myself.

I don’t want to start a quarrel at a time when I need my energy to figure out if I can win enough money at Bingo to pay for what I want.

“You complain about me costing you so much,” she continues, “but you are the same way. You go around looking like a frump but you always want to spend money too — just on different things.”

I’m quiet for a moment. She has a point.
Finally, I say, “I guess it’s only natural. After all, we do share the same DNA.” I guess I may be a little more like Nurse Judy than I care to admit.

More Later,

Imperfect Judy