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Nurse Judy’s Nook – Things Change

As I contemplated my New Year’s resolutions for 2021, I couldn’t help notice how different they were from years past. Yes, things have definitely changed.
Stick with me and you will see how.

I resolve to:


  • Increase daily walks from 3-4 miles.
  • Lose 5 pounds.
  • Get highlights in my hair.
  • Pluck my eyebrows.
  • Buy new stilettos.
  • Find some ‘at home’ time.
  • Reduce my social calendar.
  • Practice deep breathing.
  • Get a deep fryer.
  • Have a big birthday celebration.
  • Have an annual medical check-up.
  • Scrub floors on hands and knees once a week.
  • Cheer for our winning Noles.
  • Attend church more frequently.
  • Don’t spend so much money. 
  • Be thankful for postal service.
  • Hang up the mistletoe at Christmas.
  • Pray for world peace.
  • Find time to read.
  • Find time to watch movies on TV.
  • Not to spend so much playing Bingo.
  • Not to eat out so much.
  • Remember how fortunate I really am.
  • Learn to utilize high-tech.
  • Try to get along with my roommates. 


  • Walk without a walker.
  • Lose 25 pounds.
  • Dye my hair.
  • Paint on my eyebrows.
  • Buy new sneakers.
  • Get a vaccine to have ‘out of home’ time.
  • Have a social calendar.
  • Breathe without supplemental oxygen.
  • Get an air fryer.
  • Remove birthday from my vocabulary.
  • Limit medical/dental visits to 1 a week.
  • Swiffer floors when too sticky to walk.
  • Cheer for our losing Noles.
  • Try to be 1 of the 25 to get into church.
  • Try to find some money to spend.
  • Skip the mistletoe. No one to kiss.
  • Pray for the end of the coronavirus.
  • Find enough books to read.
  • Find a TV movie you haven’t yet seen.
  • Go to Bingo again.
  • Eat in a real restaurant again.
  • Try to remember anything.
  • Learn to utilize high tech.
  • Try to get along with my roommates.
  • I guess the last two will never change.

If you are under 60, you won’t understand this list at all. It just reflects the lives of oldsters during this pandemic.

Of course I’m NOT over 60. I’m just adept at guessing what it must be like (perhaps I should have added ‘not lying’ to the now list).

I just hope everyone’s life improves with our brand new year.

More later,