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One Gadsden Foundation serves lunch to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers at two of Gadsden County’s schools were recently served lunch by members of the One Gadsden Foundation, Inc., and two elected officials for the county.

In partnership with Gadsden County Commissioner Eric Hinson and School Board Member Cathy Johnson, One Gadsden Foundation provided lunch for teachers at Havana Middle School and Gadsden County High School during Teacher Appreciation Week.

At East Gadsden High School School Board Member Cathy Johnson (far right) and Gadsden County Commissioner Eric Hinson (far left) served meals to the school’s teachers. Also pictured is Gadsden County High School Principal Pam Jones (center).

Each year, One Gadsden Foundation, Inc. celebrates teachers during this special week, but the foundation felt as though that service was especially important this year.

“Amid a tough year, Gadsden teachers gave students and families hope, diligence, and ongoing support

for success,” writes Keisha Jones, who handles One Gadsden’s community outreach. 

Hinson shared that he believes, now more than ever, teachers need to be celebrated.

Teachers at Havana Middle School were provided and served lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week by Gadsden County School Board Member Cathy Johnson (far right), and Commissioner Eric Hinson (far left). In the middle is Havana Middle School Principal Parish Williams.

“Teachers are the backbone of the community,” said Hinson. “Their tenacity, dedication to their classrooms, and courage to face COVID-19 challenges should inspire all of us on a daily basis. I am honored to partner with One Gadsden Foundation to celebrate our wonderful teachers.”

School Board Member Cathy Johnson echoed those sentiments by stating: “We love our Gadsden teachers, and we are so proud of the work they do to keep students engaged and interested in learning.” 

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Photos Courtesy of the One Gadsden Foundation, Inc.